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Is walking painful? Does it take you a while to overcome the stiffness of sitting? You may have a hip problem. Dr. R. Jeff Grondel, the finest hip surgeon in 89052, can treat your hip problem and address any other orthopedic conditions you may have.  He is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and has completed double Fellowship training in both sports medicine and the shoulder. Dr. Grondel continues to pioneer arthroscopic surgical techniques in all major joints and has taught many other orthopedic surgeons in these techniques and in the treatment of sports related injuries. But what sets him apart is his unique perspective and understanding of his patients’ needs. Not only is he an exceptional orthopedic surgeon, but he has also been a patient and knows personally what it means to be injured. He carefully guides you through the recovery process to help you back to full activity and enjoyment. In addition, he views surgery as the last resort, not the first.  He prefers to explore the least invasive ways to resolve your problems and help you get active again.

Hip replacement, also known as total hip arthroplasty, refers to a surgical procedure during which the damaged bone and cartilage in the hip joint is removed and replaced with new artificial components. A hip replacement procedure may be considered when chronic hip pain and disability have not responded to conservative treatment and interfere with normal daily activities. The hip joint is located at the meeting point of the rounded head of the femur and the cavity-shaped acetabulum of the pelvic bone. It is a ball and socket joint with the rounded head of the femur being the ball and the curved depression,  known as the acetabulum, being the socket. The hip joint is one of the largest weight bearing joints in the body. It withstands the tremendous forces that activities such as walking, running, and jumping generate. As one of the most flexible joints in the body, the hip allows a greater range of motion than all of the other joints with the exception of the shoulder. We treat femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), hip bursitis, labral tears, replacement, resurfacing, and iliotibial band syndrome. So when your hip surgery is recommended in 89052, we are the medical office to call.

Arthroscopic repair for hip replacement is a specialty of ours. A small incision, about the size of a grain of rice, is made and a scope with a camera on the end is passed into your hip joint. The doctor is able to move the scope around the joint as images are relayed to a large screen. This accessibility helps avoid larger incisions and trauma within the joint. Surgical tools also use the same access site and repair the damage. Recovery is faster than traditional, open surgery, the scar is much smaller, and post-operative discomfort is minimal. So if you need hip surgery in 89052, call for an appointment and take the first step to recovery.